Compassion Cultivation Training

Supporting Compassion Training for Memory Disorders

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia significantly impacts people, their families and loved ones. These progressive disorders slowly decrease people’s memory and ability to reason and communicate. The Virginia Mason Center for Healthy Aging provides a multidisciplinary team to care for people with cognitive concerns, their families and care partners.

One vitally important program Virginia Mason offers families and caregivers is an eight-week course called Compassion Cultivation Training. It was developed by researchers and experts at Stanford University. “Cultivating compassion goes beyond feeling more concern and empathy for others,” says Nancy Isenberg, MD, a neurologist who started the Virginia Mason program. “It develops the strength to be with suffering, the courage to take compassionate action, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.”

Diana and Jim Judson Give to Program

To help others, Diana and Jim Judson have generously made a three-year donor pledge to support the program. “We hope this training will give other people the strength and compassion to deal effectively with these substantial changes in their lives,” says Jim. Four members of the Judson family took the course to support them in caregiving for Diana, who is living with dementia.

The Judsons have been patients at Virginia Mason for 45 years. James is a retired partner at the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine PLLC, a Corporate Giving Partner of Virginia Mason. “We’ve always had a great experience with Virginia Mason and Dr. Nancy Isenberg is a very smart and conscientious physician who does great work in caring for Diana,” says Jim. “We’ve been fortunate in many respects in our lives and we want to use our resources to help others.”
“The support from the Judsons will help us expand our program to underserved areas,” says Dr. Isenberg. “We are so grateful to them for their generosity.”

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