Shared Values Inspire Steadfast Support

When ATS Automation started providing energy management services for Virginia Mason in the early 2000s, they wanted to give back and made a small donation. As the company worked with us to improve energy efficiency, they saw firsthand how we went the extra mile to provide great care — which motivated them to keep increasing the size of their gifts. Years later, we’re humbled that they’ve donated over $150,000 to Virginia Mason, Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason (BRI) and Bailey-Boushay House (BBH).

Our organizations share similar values, which helps explain why ATS has become a mainstay donor. ATS works to improve energy efficiency. Virginia Mason strives to make health care as safe, efficient and effective as possible.

“ATS aims to improve quality and efficiency in our field, and we admire how Virginia Mason does this in health care,” says Lucy Gedney, VP of sales at ATS. “And I can personally attest to how their care is second to none, because I'm a patient there."

Learning about BBH and BRI inspired ATS to expand their support beyond Virginia Mason Medical Center.

“Seeing how they serve the community through BBH and learning about the groundbreaking research at BRI really inspired us, “Lucy says. “BRI is doing so much research on autoimmune diseases and many people at our company have autoimmune disorders or have loved ones who do. It’s personal and we want to support that work.”

Lucy goes the extra mile, by volunteering as part of our Corporate Committee Council. This council is made up of local professionals who spread the word about Virginia Mason’s work and aim to bring more business leaders into our network.

“We're trying to get the word out about what Virginia Mason does and what their work means to our community,” Lucy says. “At ATS, our motto is ‘always do the right thing.’ I know that’s Virginia Mason’s goal too. We support them because we are very aligned on where we should go in the future, how we should be treating our clients and how we can serve our community.”

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