Bailey-Boushay House Volunteers Make an Impact

It’s the early morning rush at Bailey-Boushay House (BBH), and Antonio, a dedicated volunteer, is helping serve breakfast and greet clients in “The Big Room,” BBH’s outpatient day room. Antonio knows many of the outpatient program clients, who receive daily treatment for HIV/AIDS and other support services from BBH. Sitting down for a meal is Antonio’s chance to catch up with the people he’s come to know over nearly a year of volunteering.

“I enjoy it because it’s a really nice start to my day,” Antonio says. “I meet such a wide range of people, from different backgrounds and different parts of the country. It’s really fun to sit with them and hear their stories.”

Volunteering is one way many people give back to BBH. In 2019, 223 volunteers gave 15,097 hours to Bailey-Boushay House, which equates to $478,876 in donated time.

Volunteers choose how they contribute: They can offer companionship by spending time with clients and residents or help facilitate mealtimes and daily activities. Opening the emergency shelter in November 2018 created even more hours to fill and ways to volunteer. Staff members offer constant guidance and support to help volunteers feel invested as a member of the care team.

“Because volunteering is a weekly commitment, you start to build relationships,” Antonio says. “You find yourself connecting on a deeper level with people. Being at Bailey-Boushay gives you the opportunity to understand and empathize with their joys and struggles.”

For our clients, having a dedicated group of volunteers makes a big impact.

“We’re so grateful for the time our volunteers give and the compassion they offer to help create a community at BBH,” says Stephanie Pietras, Manager of Volunteer Services at BBH. “Their constant care and support help make Bailey-Boushay House a home.” 

To learn more about volunteering at BBH, visit our website.

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