Boeing Classic Benefits Food Bank

The Boeing Classic golf tournament brought an unusual benefit to the people of the Snoqualmie Valley this year. It was more than 3,000 pounds of food that included cheese, fresh vegetables, prepared sandwiches, condiments and bread. The extra food came from the catering for the Boeing Classic.

Heidi Dukich, Executive Director of the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank, came up with the idea of seeing if the Boeing Classic could provide any unused food to the food bank. She asked her board members if they had any connections to the event. Dr. Sharon Augenstein, president of the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank Board had been a volunteer at the Boeing Classic for years with her husband, and they are long-time supporters of Virginia Mason.

Helping the Hungry — A Great Partnership

Sharon worked with the catering company who happily provided the food bank with unused food. “I’m so glad we could support our clients,” she notes. “This is a great partnership between the Boeing Classic and the community.”

“The food bank clients especially appreciated the prepared sandwiches,” says Heidi. “Deli items tend to be expensive and outside the budget for our clients, so they were a special treat.” The self-select food bank serves about 300 different households with a total of 13,000 pounds of food a week. “To meet the food demands, we rely on the support we receive from our community,” says Heidi. “We are constantly looking for partnership opportunities to recover unused food.”

Environmentally Conscious

“We are thrilled that the Boeing Classic could support the community food bank,” says Jeanne Jachim, President of the Virginia Mason Foundation. “We had extra food and wanted to be as environmentally conscious as possible and give to the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank. This was a win-win situation for everyone.”

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