Celebrating 20 Years of Teamwork and Quality Care

Virginia Mason and Compass One Healthcare, which provides healthcare services including environmental services, patient observation and facilities management, recently celebrated 20 years of working together. Compass One has also generously donated over $1.5 million to our organization over the past two decades.

“We support Virginia Mason because our values align,” says Bill Gargano, Division President of Crothall Healthcare, a division of Compass One. “We want to offer the highest quality care in the most efficient way possible.”

We’ve seen these values in action throughout the pandemic: Compass One employees have been among the many essential workers who’ve kept the hospital running. When the pandemic started, Compass One and Virginia Mason took extra steps to ensure these teams could do their work safely.

“Our manager went in with all the PPE, performed the cleaning duties and demonstrated the new safety protocols,” Bill says. “Showing those teams the new process and being willing to do it himself gave them the confidence to come to work.”

This commitment to top-quality work underscores why Compass One supports Virginia Mason philanthropically: Together, we empower teams to provide safe and quality care for our community.

“I work with hundreds of hospitals across the country and there’s no doubt that Virginia Mason is one of my favorites,” Bill says. “They're a great organization with great people.”

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