Dana Manciagli

Finding Ways to Give While Fighting Cancer
What’s phenomenal about Dana Manciagli is not only does she “LIVE” (with cancer), as she says, but she helps others while doing it. She chooses to both fight cancer and find ways to give.

Wedding Wishes for Virginia Mason
Dana’s husband, Mathis, proposed while she was still in her third battle with stage IV breast cancer in 2015. They delayed their wedding reception until after her cancer treatments were completed in January 2016. “The event was much more than a celebration of marriage,” says Dana. “It was a fun celebration of loving life.”

They wrote on their announcements, invitations and social media site, “Absolutely, positively no gifts. Donations preferred to the Virginia Mason Cancer Institute: The Dana-Mathis Guild.” By the end of the wonderful celebration, they raised over $17,000 for cancer care.

Erasing Cancer
“I have been a Virginia Mason patient since 1998, and a cancer patient since 2002,” says Dana. “I call the Cancer Institute my cancer recovery and healing center and the staff is my medical family. As a patient, I have learned all that Virginia Mason does to erase cancer. And I want to join the effort to help solve challenges relating to this disease.”

Why Donate?
“What could possibly be more important than donating to this cause?” notes Dana. “All of us have been touched by cancer so I hope that Virginia Mason is a cause of choice for many. Every dollar does incredible things to help patients AND erase cancer in the future.” 

Find more information about how you can help erase cancer.

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