McKinstry and Virginia Mason: An Energizing Partnership

McKinstry and Virginia Mason: An Energizing Partnership

“Our partnership with Virginia Mason is unique and energizing,” says Kevin Lynn, who leads community relations at McKinstry. “It’s unlike any we’ve had before because, while we support dozens of programs we care about, we can also learn from Virginia Mason as we both work to transform our industries.

“Not only are Virginia Mason team members doing fantastic work in patient care and research for the people coming through their doors, but they’re also thinking about all the people who are coming through other organizations’ doors regionally and nationally. That’s why we’ve partnered with Virginia Mason.”

Established in 1960, McKinstry is a full-service design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) firm focused on wringing the waste out of construction. McKinstry is partnering with Virginia Mason to create and maintain effective, efficient, and attractive healthcare facilities through a collaborative process of assessment, planning, and execution.  

In McKinstry’s work and giving, the company places a premium on vision-driven leadership and opportunities to make impactful, sustainable and lasting change. McKinstry supports Virginia Mason’s Nutrition for Life (N.F.L.), a program to teach children and their families healthier lifestyle habits, contributing to the firm’s philanthropic focus on children, education and the environment.

“But the relationship goes deeper than that as we walk side-by-side on the journey to upend the status quo,” says Kevin. “Leadership from Virginia Mason has come to talk to our executives about how to apply lean principles and how to avoid pitfalls along the way. Our executives have visited Virginia Mason and experienced the work being done to improve patient care. It’s been a remarkable partnership so far.

“Our giving is informed by our vision of ‘together, building a thriving planet’. We know we can’t do it alone. We’ve been immensely proud both to learn from Virginia Mason and to support an organization that is transforming lives, industries and the world.”

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