Patient Holds Primary Care Provider in the Highest Regard

When Steve Roberts looks for a doctor, he’s exceptionally particular. He is looking for someone who is knowledgeable in medical science and approaches patients as an equal. He’s looking for a doctor who emulates the same values and commitment to patient care that his dad had.

Steve’s dad, Dr. Fred Roberts, spent more than four decades as a pediatrician in Syracuse, New York, and specialized in caring for children with cystic fibrosis.

“My dad’s first love was being a doctor. He loved caring for children and also being a great support to their parents. Growing up, it was clear that his patients loved him back very much,” Steve says.

When Steve met Dr. Stephen Hayashi, he says he knew pretty quickly that Dr. Hayashi was the right doctor for him.

“I’m amazed by the medical knowledge Dr. Hayashi has. He seems to be able to pull information out of his mental library right away. He asks me excellent follow up questions, many that I wouldn’t have thought of, but make perfect sense,” Steve says.

Dr. Hayashi has been Steve’s primary care provider for three years now. His confidence in Dr. Hayashi’s care gives Steve the ability to travel and spend weeks at his vacation home in Columbia.

“I can bring any concern I have to Dr. Hayashi and he’s going to help me find the answer. That piece of mind allows me to live a wonderful retired life,” Steve says.

After a long career as a trial lawyer, in Montana, Steve moved to Seattle for milder weather. He says one of the things that is similar about being someone’s lawyer and being someone’s doctor, is the important presence of trust.

“If you feel comfortable with your doctor, you can talk about everything with them. It’s their job to make you feel comfortable bringing them everything they need to know to keep you healthy,” he says. “When I go to the clinic, Dr. Hayashi is always happy to be there and never rushes anything. That’s another sign of a quality doctor.”

For Steve, Dr. Hayashi’s support was particularly crucial through his diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

“Like lots of cancers, even if you can be cured, the results of treatment can really impact your life. I’m lucky that I made it through and even though he wasn’t treating me, Dr. Hayashi was really supportive,” he says.

Today, Steve is looking forward to getting back to life without cancer. In May, he and some friends from high school completed a week-long hiking trip along the coast of Portugal. He’s always got a few trips in the works.

In celebration of his health, Steve made a gift to the Virginia Mason Cancer Center.

“I’ve had a very fortunate life so far. Assuming I’m done with prostate cancer, I’m as healthy as I could hope to be,” Steve says. “I also strongly believe in the importance of medical research, which is why I’m happy to support improved cancer care.”

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