Donors Secure the Future

Generous donors have stepped forward to help secure the future at Benaroya Research Institute (BRI) by endowing chairs. More than $8.5 million has been committed to endowed chairs.

“A lot of what we achieved in medical research at BRI over the last 30 years we didn’t think was possible,” says BRI President Jane Buckner, MD. “Through new discoveries, including ones at BRI, we went from poor or zero treatments for autoimmune diseases to medications that can rebalance the immune system. We saw people with rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis go from wheel chairs to walking and even running marathons! This dream was made into a reality by the many people who support us. They gave because they believed in us and had hope."

“Now we are looking toward a new vision where our knowledge of the immune system is harnessed to return many with incurable chronic diseases back to health and ultimately to prevent these diseases from ever taking hold.”

Leonard and Norma Klorfine Fund Biomedical Research Chair
“We believe in medical research and its ability to find cures for diseases,” say Leonard and Norma Klorfine.“Human health is one of our main philanthropic drives. We want to support research that will help people today and future generations live longer and suffer less. We trust in Benaroya Research Institute and we’re pleased to provide a significant donation that will help sustain medical research.”

The Klorfine’s gift funds a research chair to pioneer advanced immunology technologies and to design and implement insightful new experiments. This research takes advantage of the explosion of data from genome studies and molecular profiling to understand the functioning of the immune system in health and disease.

“The endowed chairs provide vital and reliable funding for our leadership to attract and retain talented new faculty members, launch bold pilot projects and invest in innovative technology,” says Dr. Buckner. “We thank these generous supporters for their trust in BRI and their visionary hope in medical research to prevent and cure immune system diseases for millions of people and families.”



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