Grateful Patient Honors His Doctor

When Edmund Aleks retired to Bainbridge Island after a busy life in Los Angeles, he not only looked for the right home, but also the right doctor. After seeing a physician who didn’t seem to listen to him, he spotted the Virginia Mason Bainbridge Medical Center. “I walked into the lobby and they had a sign announcing a new physician, Dr. Catherine Edwards. I thought she would have the time to get to know me,” says Edmund. Since his first appointment, he was impressed. Edmund has since become a Grateful Patient Donor, giving every year since 2012 in honor of Dr. Edwards.  

“I’m very pleased with my care. Dr. Edwards always remembers what we talked about and knows me as a person,” says Edmund. “She’s very competent, professional, friendly and upbeat. She gives good advice and good referrals when I need them. I’m a fan of her and Virginia Mason.”

Dr. Edwards Is Focal Point of Giving
When Edmund received a note about donating, he decided to contribute in honor of Dr. Edwards. “She is the focal point of why I give to Virginia Mason,” he notes. “Even though my wife and I were civil servants, we did well, and we were able to save and invest. I’m lucky enough to be able to give and Virginia Mason is a very worthwhile cause for me.”

Edmund likes to donate whenever he sees a request from Virginia Mason. He fills out the donation form and marks the box “In honor of” and fills in Dr. Edwards’ name. Then he adds a note about how wonderful she is. “I want people to know how great she is and that I really value her care,” he emphasizes.

Important to Support Virginia Mason
He’ll often recommend Dr. Edwards and Virginia Mason to his friends and acquaintances. Some of his close friends were surprised to find out that they all have Dr. Edwards as their primary doctor. “We’re absolutely proud to have her and Virginia Mason taking care of us. I like to tell them to give to Virginia Mason because it’s important to support the institutions that are doing great work.”     

Edmund served as a law enforcement officer for 27 years with the Los Angeles County Prosecutors Office, retiring as a captain. He then formed and led the Edmund Aleks Company, which provided litigation research services, for 10 years. His wife was a prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. She passed away from cancer just before retiring. Along with their son, who is now an anesthesiologist in California, they used to visit the Pacific Northwest and imagine retiring here part time. In Los Angeles, Edmund received care from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) medical system and had a good connection with his doctor. He’s thrilled to find a new home in the Northwest with excellent care.

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