How Employees Help Virginia Mason Save More Lives

When Eileen Dupras’ brother had life-threatening complications from an infection at a different hospital, he turned to Virginia Mason—and we had him on the road to recovery in just 24 hours. That’s not the only time we’ve saved one of Eileen’s family members: When her son had an ear tumor, Virginia Mason doctors removed it and had him back home within a week.

This helps explain why Eileen, a receptionist and referral coordinator in our Federal Way clinic, is proud to be an avid contributor to our Employee Giving Program. She’s among hundreds of Virginia Mason Health System team members who’ve used the program to donate nearly $500,000 to funds and departments throughout Virginia Mason — and and to the United Way — over the past four years.

Eileen’s giving is motivated by a simple, powerful goal: “I want more people to have access to the lifesaving care that’s helped my family,” she says.

Because her brother has been enduring chronic illness since 1989, Eileen gives part of each paycheck to Bailey-Boushay House to help patients with HIV/AIDS and other debilitating conditions.

“Bailey-Boushay provides excellent care at a time when it’s getting harder and harder to afford healthcare,” she says. “I’m hopeful that if my brother ever needs their services, my donations won’t only help others, they’ll help him.”

Eileen also makes time to volunteer at our outreach events, teaching kids about health and safety.

“I donate my time and money because I’ve seen first-hand how it makes a difference,” she says.

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