Jewelry Designer Gives Back for Pancreatic Cancer

It was a difficult four years for Nick and Nassim Pietsch as they started out their life together. As Nassim built her dental practice in Seattle and Nick traveled as a sales representative for surgical supplies, they began to have a family with their two children Chloe and Cyrus. But Nassim would periodically experience dizziness, light-headedness, confusion and other symptoms that couldn’t be diagnosed.

It took numerous consultations and Nick discussing the issue with the Virginia Mason surgeons he worked with, Adnan Alseidi, MD, Scott Helton, MD, and Tom Biehl, MD, to determine the problem and solution. Nassim was diagnosed with an insulinoma, a small tumor in the pancreas that produces an excess amount of insulin, leading to hypoglycemia, which can be a life-threatening condition. Virginia Mason surgeons removed the tumor, which wasn’t cancerous, and Nassim is completely recovered.

Thank You to Surgeons

“My wife's care at Virginia Mason was top notch, especially the surgical team, to remove such a small and precariously placed tumor,” says Nick. “We're so grateful that Nassim is now cured and our family is doing great. We’re excited about Nassim running her own dream dental practice and I’m able to help her and pursue my interest in jewelry and minerals.”

Donation of 10 Percent of Sales

Nick wanted to give back in a way that had meaning to his family and that would help the surgical and medical teams with their research into the pancreas and fight against pancreatic cancer. Nick recently re-launched his own jewelry design company, NPDesigns ( and “proudly donates 10 percent of all sales to fight pancreatic cancer through Virginia Mason.”

Feels Great to Give Back

Recently, Nick donated his first gift from his business to fight pancreatic cancer at Virginia Mason. “It felt great to give back to a cause dear to my heart while also challenging myself to create art that people love,” says Nick. “I hope to do even more next year!” Virginia Mason thanks Nick and his family for their dedication in helping others. To see more about cause marketing at Virginia Mason and Nick's designs, please visit  

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