Liberty Mutual Drives Giving Towards Neighbors in Need

Each night, the Bailey-Boushay House (BBH) team turns part of their day center into a 50-bed shelter. And each night, the shelter is full. In the morning, staff converts the space back into a large community space. The BBH shelter's 50 beds translate to 18,250 nights a year that people are not sleeping on Seattle’s park benches or huddled in storefronts.

For almost two decades, the Liberty Mutual Foundation has dedicated its giving program to addressing homelessness and supporting people with disabilities and other medical needs.

“When you understand what Bailey-Boushay is achieving through their shelter program, it’s far more than a bed, a shower or a meal — they’re providing dignity and humanity,” says Chris Wiggins, program manager for corporate philanthropy.

Liberty Mutual Insurance, the parent company to Safeco Insurance, has awarded grants through the Safeco Insurance Fund, to the Bailey-Boushay House for two years.

“We trust Bailey-Boushay with our dollars; we know they’re doing important work to meet the community's needs,” says Chris. “We feel like partners more than funders.”

For BBH leaders, corporate donors like Liberty Mutual are a dream.

“Liberty Mutual sees the value in the people we care for,” says Rob Hays, executive director of BBH. “It’s wonderful to have the support of a company that understands how complicated the barriers are that our clients face and what it takes to move them towards stability.”

The Liberty Mutual team also admires the deep commitment BBH has made to community members who have chronic illnesses or disabilities.

“We believe that progress happens when everyone can feel secure. There aren’t many places providing truly comprehensive support for people living with HIV/AIDS and other stigmatized illnesses,” says Chris. “The proof that BBH is doing right by their patients is clear. Every one of their residents expresses wholehearted trust for the BBH team. It’s an extraordinary place.”

Support from corporate donors like Liberty Mutual means they can help even more people, for program leaders and caregivers.

“With donor dollars, we can continue to provide better services to more people. We can be the stable foundation they need to keep a consistent job or look for permanent housing,” Rob says. “I am grateful for Liberty Mutual's support, but to the people in our care, this support means everything.”

Watch Bailey-Boushay House residents and caregivers say thank you to donors.

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