Marv Titterud: A Grateful Patient for Nearly 60 Years

When Marv Titterud got a stomach ache in his 30s, he didn’t have a doctor. He was referred to Virginia Mason and told: “That’s the place to go, no matter what’s wrong, they will take care of you.”

Marv is now 91 and has been a grateful patient of Virginia Mason for nearly 60 years. “Dr. Leonard Rosoff was my first doctor and he was great,” says Marv. “When he retired, I was lucky enough to have Dr. Lance Larson, another great doctor.”

In honor of the excellent care he has received and to help Virginia Mason achieve its mission of improving patients’ health and well-being, Marv and his late wife Dorothy have donated since 2001. “I feel fortunate to be able to give regularly and also help Virginia Mason when they have a particular need,” he explains. The Titteruds supported the capital campaign for Virginia Mason's hospital addition, the Floyd & Delores Jones Pavilion, and Marv is a Chairman’s Society member, donating annually to Transforming Healthcare. In 2016, he gave a gift to honor Dr. Larson, his primary care provider.

Proud of Virginia Mason

“The Puget Sound region can be very proud of Virginia Mason,” says Marv. “Not everybody is in a position to be able to give, so I try to support the organizations that I care about, that help the community and that do great work.” Marv grew up in North Dakota and eventually moved to Washington state. He went from farming to selling life insurance to building a successful business owning a number of Midas Muffler franchises. His wife Dorothy passed away last year, but Marv remains active reading, being involved in his church, and keeping in touch with friends.  

Virginia Mason counts on Marv and donors like him to help provide remarkable care for patients and their families every day.

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