Neighborly Support for Bailey-Boushay House

In 1995, when Larry Levine and his family bought the Fury Women’s Consignment shop in Madison Park, they set about getting to know their neighbors. They soon discovered Bailey-Boushay House (BBH) just up the street.

Patients didn’t usually survive AIDS than, and BBH provided hospice. The Levines didn’t know much about BBH at first. But when they learned that the organization provided vital end-of-life care for people who didn’t have anywhere else to turn, they were inspired to donate.

“We’ve always supported them because they’re doing such good things for people who really need it,” says Samantha Levine, known as Sam, who has worked at Fury Consignment for more than 25 years. “And they’re our neighbors. It only makes sense to help out.”

The Levines have been impressed with how BBH has evolved over the years to meet their community’s needs.

“They reach out on so many levels,” says Sam, “offering counseling and nutritious meals and trying to help their clients get housing and get back into the workforce.”

The family has also gotten to know people that BBH serves. Sam sees some of the clients when she passes on her way to and from the store, and she lets them visit with her friends’ dogs that she often brings to work.

“My bus stop is right across the street,” Sam says. “Even though I’m not part of BBH, I like to be warm and friendly and say hello to the folks there. It’s a nice way to start and end the day. They rely on the shelter and services there, and it makes me feel good if I can do anything to help.”

The Levine family’s neighborly support and goodwill have stayed strong as BBH adapted to meet the ever-changing needs brought first by the AIDS crisis and then by COVID-19. They hope their gifts contribute to BBH’s commitment to providing expert care for the community.

“We need to support each other, now more than ever,” Sam says. “We all live here, and we’re all getting through this tough time together. We have supported Bailey-Boushay since we became part of the neighborhood. I hope that others do, too, so that they can continue to help the people they help.”

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