Patient Partner Gives Back in Many Ways

As a patient at Virginia Mason Bainbridge Island Medical Center, Elliott Green was intrigued by a notice asking for patient volunteers to help plan a new facility, which is scheduled to open mid-2018. He joined Virginia Mason’s Patient-Family Partner program and became part of the team that created a patient-focused regional medical center. Elliott was so impressed by this experience and the Virginia Mason Production System (VMPS), that he has since participated in many more workshops. His belief in Virginia Mason’s management methods has inspired Elliott and his wife, Lynn, to become regular donors and to include Virginia Mason in their will.

Giving in Their Will

“My wife and I have provided for our heirs and we wanted to give to charitable organizations as well,” says Elliott. “We chose Virginia Mason because we admire the way the team goes about transforming healthcare. We believe it’s because the VMPS methods are laser-focused on two things: evidence and value added. This focus has consistently delivered best-case outcomes, which are documented in a number of national surveys.”

Elliott is a retired business consultant from Silicon Valley. “As a retired professional,” says Ann Hagensen, RN, who leads Patient Family Partners, “Elliott is used to translating requirements for complex decision-making into purpose-built systems. He likes being engaged in the work — he is a worker, not an observer. We assured him that he would be a partner in the process. He has participated in many workshops lasting from a few days to a week. He also works on the Continuing Medical Education Committee and helps match our Patient Family Partner volunteers to leaders requesting help. He has volunteered a total of 548 hours since 2016 when he joined our team!”

Patient Family Partners

“Through our Patient-Family Partner volunteers, not only do we understand the patient and family experience more fully through their engagement, but their past professional experience informs the work as well – an added bonus!” says Ann. “In Elliott’s case, workshop leaders appreciate Elliott’s professional experience. He has been known to go home at night and rework graphs and flow charts to tell the story of the improvement work in a new way. This helps the team get out of the regular way they view the process, so they can innovate and move forward faster.”

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts ? we get better results because we work together,” says Elliott. “I’m so impressed with the quality of the people, the methods and the way everyone participates in improving health care. Many people at Virginia Mason see health care as a commitment and a calling, not a job or a career. That’s why my wife and I want to support Virginia Mason’s mission.”

Our deep gratitude goes to our volunteers and donors who give so much back to make Virginia Mason remarkable.

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