Prime Electric

Prime Electric — A Partner in Values

What do Virginia Mason, one of the nation’s best health care facilities and Prime Electric, one of the nation’s most successful electrical and data systems contractors have in common? It turns out to be quite a lot.

Similar Visions

“When Prime Electric was selected as a preferred contractor to support Virginia Mason’s construction of the Jones Pavilion, we were very excited and inspired,” says Ed Gutekanst, group executive at Prime Electric. “We learned we have similar visions. Continuous improvement is a constant state of mind for us at Prime and we are always seeking more knowledge and a better way of doing things.” Jones Pavilion is a hospital addition at Virginia Mason, the first in the country planned and built using patient-centric principles of the Virginia Mason Production System that reduce waste, improve quality, and strive toward a perfect health care experience.

Exchanging Ideas

In 2014, Prime Electric decided to join the Corporate Partner Program at Virginia Mason. Through the program, Prime Electric supports health care in the community and Virginia Mason shares its experience with continuous improvement. “We have hosted a Virginia Mason team member to learn more about improving processes, as well as a physician to talk about health and wellness,” says Ed. “Partnering with Virginia Mason has been very rewarding.”

Giving Back

The two organizations also share a passion of involvement and a corporate culture of giving back to the community. “Community is one of Prime’s core values,” says Lisa Kenyon, executive coordinator at Prime Electric. “We are passionate about giving back to the communities in which we live and work. A certain percentage of Prime Electric profits go to a private foundation that provides grants to nonprofit organizations that are meaningful to our team members and business partners.”

As partners, Prime Electric and Virginia Mason can create new innovations in medical, electrical construction, health care and the community.

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