Therapeutic Music

Therapeutic Music Improves Patients’ Well-Being

A patient diagnosed with a stroke was rushed into the critical care unit at Virginia Mason late one night. The next day, she was tired, stressed and anxious. A nurse asked if she’d like to listen to music.

Jessica Gallo, a certified music practitioner, rolled her harp into the room and began to strum lovely chords. “It’s beautiful and moving,” noted the patient as a tear ran down her cheek. “It’s bringing me rest and a sense of peace. It’s like a window into a different place.”

“Jessica’s music is adapted to the patient’s condition and provides the therapeutic intervention to help disconnect, focus on positive thoughts and ease suffering,” says Shirley Sherman, RN, MN, Director of Critical/Progressive Care Services. “It is quite amazing to hear and see.”

Need to Increase Funding to Extend Services

Through the generosity of donor funding, Jessica plays three days a week for the Critical Care Unit and Ambulatory Cancer Care Unit where patients receive chemotherapy for hours at a time. “We’d like to increase the number of hours Jessica plays and bring therapeutic music to other patients,” says Shirley. “We see what a difference it makes in helping patients reduce pain and physical anxiety and increase muscle relaxation.”

Therapeutic music also comforts families who may not have seen their loved one relax or sleep for days. The calmer environment helps the staff as well. Now patients are requesting to hear Jessica’s beautiful, rich, therapeutic music when they transfer from critical care to acute care. “We want to continue this therapy for them and expand it to others,” says Shirley. Many patients, families and staff members are requesting this service.”

If you’d like to give to the Therapeutic Music fund, visit this donation page.

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